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The Tactical Businessman Podcast
Empowering Businessmen To Overcome The Obstacles and Adversity That Are Keeping Them From Having The Success They Desire In Their Personal And Professional Lives
Retired Police Officer
Former SWAT, Narcotics, Undercover Officer
Warrior Certified Trainer
Founder of The Tactical Businessman Experience
Podcaster-The Tactical Businessman
Win The Daily War
Life is going to come at you...whether you're prepared or not.  So why do so many men end up losing?  They set themselves up to do so ahead of time.  I teach the daily strategies and techniques so that you'll come out on top every single time.
One on One and Group Coaching
WARNING:  YOU are the biggest problem in your life.  The good news?  You're also the solution.   By committing to yourself and investing in your life, the body, relationship, money  and purpose you have been searching for will become a reality. 

How much longer do you have before you're paying for a six figure divorce?
How many days do you have left to take care of your body before you end up in the ER with a heart attack? 

How much time do you have before you close the doors on your business and end up in bankruptcy?

If you're struggling with any part of your life and want to create the life that you've dreamed of...the time to act is now.
The Tactical Businessman
60 Day Rebuild
A program designed to help you create the personal and professional life you've always dreamed of...
What's the cost of failure if your life doesn't change?
Ending up alone.  No family.  Failing business.  Popping pills and alcohol just to survive.  If this isn't will be.  Unless something changes.
The Tactical Businessman Experience
Take back control of your life and your relationships!
The worst feeling you can have as a businessman is thinking you aren't in control and you can't do anything about it.  But that's a lie.  You just haven't learned how to take back control yet.  What price do you put on purpose, connection, and wealth in your life?  What if you could have it all?
The Tactical Businessman
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Real Life Lessons from My Own Journey 
How do you create the life you've always wanted?  Have the body full of energy, a relationship full of passion, and a business full of profits?  Listen in as I share with you a strategic approach to getting the results you've always dreamed of.
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