Gerritt Bake
Showing Men How To Implement A Tactical Approach To Life And Business
Retired Police Officer
Former SWAT Team Member
Former Undercover Detective
Former Organized Crime Supervisor
Warrior Certified Trainer
Coach of The Tactical Businessman Experience
Founder-Warrior Guardian Group
Podcaster-The Tactical Businessman
Win The Daily War
Life is going to come at you...whether you're prepared or not.  How do some people end up winning?  They set themselves up to do so ahead of time.  I teach the tactics, tools, and techniques for encountering and dealing with whatever life throws at you.  Learn how to come out on top every single time.
One on One and Group Coaching
The biggest obstacle between where you are now and getting what you want out of life is you.  By committing to yourself and investing in your future, the prosperity, connection, and purpose you have been searching for will become a reality.  Gerritt coaches men in all walks of life looking to breakthrough in their business and their personal life.

There's no time to wait.  The time to act is NOW.
It's hard to win a battle if you don't have the right weapons.  We arm you with the appropriate weapons to win every fight.
There is a structure that leads to creating the life you desire. Learn the tactics that everyday men use that set them up for success on a daily basis.
Road blocks and hurdles always appear in life.  The worst thing you can do is freeze because you don't know what to do.  What if you possessed the techniques to deal with them effectively every single time?
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The Tactical Businessman
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Take back control of your life and your relationships!
The worst feeling you can have as a businessman is thinking you aren't in control and you can't do anything about it.  But that's a lie.  You just haven't learned how to take back control yet.  What price do you put on purpose, connection, and wealth in your life?  What if you could have it all?
The Tactical Businessman Experience
Daily Armor on You Tube

Life Lessons from a Former Cop
Learn the lessons that I was taught over my 15 year police career and see how they apply to you, your business, and your personal life.  It's all about finding purpose and connection in your life.
 Who is Gerritt Bake
15 year police officer
Worked SWAT/Narcotics/Undercover
Warrior Certified Trainer
Situational Expert
Creator of Warrior Guardian
Creator of The Tactical Businessman Podcast
Mentor to Men from All Walks of Life
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