Attention: How To Become A Better Husband And Father Without Sacrificing Your Career!
Bonus 1: Overcoming Your Administration
Bonus 2: How to Win with the Public
Bonus 3: The 5 Secrets to Making More Money
Bonus 4: The Police Officer's Guide to More Sex
If you think that your administration is going to back you when something goes're wrong.  If you think the public is going to support you when you have to do your're lying to yourself.  No one cares about you...except for you.  It's time to learn to take care of yourself.
You can pretend that you shouldn't feel bad when you see a dead body.  That you aren't angry when you deal with an abused child. When you feel pissed of because you responded to a junkie that's overdosed.  You can pretend that it doesn't affect you personally.  That it doesn't affect your family.  But the truth is it does.

How do you make sense of all of it?  How do you fix what's broken at home?  It's hard enough to dodge bullets, but now you got everyone else coming after you?

Warrior Guardian was created by a police officer for police officers.

No More Listening to a Psychiatrist trying to tell you how to think, feel, and act, when they have never even put on the badge.

It is possible to get what you want out of life.  It is possible to be connected with purpose and passion at home and at work.  The Warrior Guardian System serves a purpose.  To empower men.  Empower them to be better cops. Better husbands.  And better fathers.  
My Story...

My name is Gerritt Bake and I went from being a broken cop wondering if I would ever have a life that worked again to a loving father, husband, and elite police officer. And the path wasn't easy.  I was just like you.  I wanted people to support me.  I wanted my department to back me up.  I desired a wife who understood why I did what I did.  I wanted more Money.  I needed Connection.  I craved Purpose.

I always wanted to be the successful cop. I always wanted to  be the man that everyone looked up to.  The guy who had it all.  Accolades at work and a marriage on fire.  Except...the more I worked, the worse my life got.  I was striving for connection.

But I didn't know how to get it...

So I would continue to work my ass off.  You name it, I did it.  Overtime.  Off Duty. Extra Gigs.  Whatever I could get my hands on.  Thinking that this was the path to success.  And my wife and kids drifted farther and farther away from me.  My body became addicted to energy drinks and prescription meds.  I didn't sleep much, and no matter how much I worked, money just seemed to slip through my finger tips.
I was living my life the way I was taught.  

I thought this was what it was supposed to be like to "Be the Man".  But the truth was I had no idea what i was doing.  You see, work had become a form of sedation for me.  Escaping from a personal life in shambles.  Running from a family that I felt didn't understand me.  A family that didn't support me.  Why? Because they didn't know what I was going through.  They didn't know what it was like to be hated.  To be judged.  Not only by those who you swore to protect and serve, but also those who were supposed to be there to support you.  So I blamed my wife and my kids for why my life was falling apart.  And I grew distant from them.  Thinking I didn't need them and I could figure this out on my own.   But the truth was...I was destroying the only people who really cared about me.

One day, I had enough.  I told my wife I was done.  I said we were finished.  I couldn't stand the unhappiness and frustration she was bringing to my life.  And I wanted a divorce.  
And, over the next few months, I tried. I tried to do it alone.  But the more I worked, and the more I sedated with alcohol, women, and prescription drugs, the worse the pain got.  I was empty. I was a shell of myself.  I longed for connection again. I longed for fire and passion and purpose.  

One night, I was alone in the parking garage at work.  I had just finished up a 20 hour shift.  I wasn't going to bother going anywhere...I had to be back at it in 4 hours.  As I lay there, seat declined, I started to ask myself, "How did you end up here?"  What was I supposed to do? Nothing was working.  I contemplated whether it was even worth it anymore.  And as I did...a voice came to me.  This voice was a quiet voice that spoke to my heart.  It's message was simple:  What are you waiting for?

You see, I knew what I wanted.  I knew that I was going about it the wrong way. I knew that if I continued down this path, I would surely be broken, alone, and empty for the rest of my life.

I realized I had a choice to make.  Take responsibility for my actions and work to change or give up on life.

I decided to to fight for what I wanted

My Big Breakthrough…

My big breakthrough didn't come right away.  It took a while.  You see, I had to start to repair the damage I had done. I had to tell my wife all the mistakes that I had made. I had to admit to myself that I couldn't do it alone. I had to come to the realization that as much as I loved police work, it would never love me back the same way.  I was a replaceable asset to the department, and there was no way around that.  

I struggled for months trying to build a connection with my wife.  The problem was that I didn't even know what that looked like. I had no idea how to even build one.  I knew all about dope and guns and gang members.  But connecting with my wife was like a foreign language.

I started to feel like there was no way out.  No way out of the pit of despair and anger and blame that I felt.

Until I came across something called THE WARRIOR'S WAY.

I met a man named Garrett J White who literally changed my life.  The way I saw things.  The way I reacted to things.  And all of a sudden, it all started to make sense.

Why I was reacting to my life the way I was.  Why I felt anger and hatred and frustration so very often both at work and at home.  

But most importantly...what to do about it.  You see, I had found all kinds of people and resources talking about the problem.  Hell, we all know what the problem is.  It's hard as hell to do what we do.  But no one was talking about the solution.  

So I made a choice.  A choice to play all in.  And what happened? My life started to change.  I found the desire and purpose that had been missing in my life. I found the connection with my family that I had desired for so long.  I started to love myself again.  And my wife started to love me.  I learned how to take care of myself physically.  I learned how to listen to my gut instinct when making important decisions.  I quit treating money like it was some sort of Monopoly game. 

And I knew.  I couldn't keep this to myself. I saw too many police officers in my same situation.  Broken and afraid.  Looking for a way out.  So I decided to make my reality a possibility for them.

And I have helped police officers just like you get the exact same thing I have. Showing them how to go from broken and alone to connected and on fire.  With their professional careers and their personal lives.

Why I Felt Compelled To Share What I Have Learned...

Over the last few years, as I have gone through this journey to creating an elite lifestyle, I found myself surrounded by men, mostly police officers, that were in the same situation that I had been in.  Men who wanted to be better cops. Wanted to be better husbands and fathers.  Wanted to weaponize their bodies.  They all wanted the same thing.  Answers.  
They would ask me, "How did you do it? Can I do it too?"  The simple answer is yes.  The process itself, however, is a little more complicated than that.  

See, as a police officer, you are always too late.  Always responding to a crime that has already been committed.  Always reacting.  And it's frustrating.  

It's the same thing with your personal life.  Instead of anticipating, you react.  And God bless you for trying.  

But what would it be like if you could learn how to apply all the skills you have already acquired as a police officer in your personal life?  And not in some program that takes you years to master. Or with someone who doesn't understand what it's like to be a cop.  But with someone who has walked in your shoes.  Someone who understands what it's really like to have to deal with a stinky dead body at work and then go home only to have to change the diapers on your child. 

This is EXACTLY why I created the Warrior Guardian System. To help you take the tools, tactics, and techniques you have learned as a police officer and apply them to your personal life.  To teach men how to tap into their internal power.  To show them how to have more sex and connection than they ever thought possible. To use their resources to create the life they desire.   A life on fire, full of passion and connection.

The Reality you once knew will be changed FOREVER 
It's time for you to begin living the life you were meant to live,
it is time for you to AWAKEN  your God-given POWER.
Chris M.
Retired Police Officer
"From feeling lost and alone and on the brink of divorce to passion and connection."
Growing up in Idaho, Chris always had a desire to help others.  To protect and serve.

As time went on, Chris knew the best way for him to fulfill this passion was to become a police officer.  He loved his job and felt fulfilled when he was out on the street.
But there was a problem.  Chris couldn't figure out how to take his passion and love for serving and protecting back home.  After every shift, he would walk in the front door and immediately feel lost and alone.

As time went on, Chris began to distance himself from his wife and kids.  Despite wanting to have a close connection, he just couldn't figure out how.

"I found myself on the path of not only losing my family...but my career as well."

Soon he found himself wondering if he was the source of his problems.  After realizing that his life wouldn't get any better if he didn't do something about it, he decided to change.  He knew it was time to invest in himself.

After going through the program, Chris's life was forever changed.  He learned how to take the skillset he acquired as a cop and apply it to his personal life.

Chris's family were the beneficiaries of this change.  With his new found focus in life, Chris has found purpose and connection not only in his professional life, but his personal life as well.  Before Chris was forced to retire due to a medical condition, he used his his skills to become a man with purpose on fire.

Jay Leonard
Founder of Security Company
"I was frustrated and tired of working for someone else and wondered if I would ever be able to do it on my own."  
After climbing the corporate ladder trying to gain traction, I found myself angry  and frustrated with the lack of mobility.  This was affecting my personal life. 

I didn't have anywhere else to turn.  I kept asking myself "What's next?"

After finding the program, I finally took control of my life. I built a successful security
One of the greatest challenges we face as men today is balancing a career with marriage with kids with life with health...and beyond. You're bored. You've burned out. Or you're broken down. You struggle, never quite being able to put it all together. Juggling the chaos.  Day in and day out.  What makes us good cops is the ability to work within the structure.

A program created by a cop specifically for cops.  

The Warrior Guardian 30 DAY CHALLENGE is an online guided program that will help you discover where you are in life and what's been holding you back from everything you've wanted.  It will introduce you to concepts that will help you make a permanent shift in your mind and the way you execute in life.

The Academy Program is  NOT your “every-day” challenge. It is a course that requires hard-work and if done with commitment, will change the trajectory of your life.
The tools, training & technology of the Warrior's Way (the backbone of the program) is all condensed into a 30 Day Challenge for you to learn to point that fire and fury across all areas of life, pull the trigger, and hit your target. With powerful brothers, in your face coaches, and a passion that will light you up - NO where else in the world does a program exist specifically for cops with this level of tech, teaching, training & transformation.
Just like your daily shift begins with a briefing, every Monday you'll be given an operational objective.  You'll be briefed on the week's mission and how you can successfully complete it.
How do cops get better?  By learning from someone else's experience.  Once a week, we will have a group training call (called Tactical Tuesday) where we will break down a weekly topic in a live video format where anyone can join in.  We won't be talking fantasy.  We will be dissecting your roadblocks and finding tactical solutions.
Middle of the week.  What do we do here?  We talk about what happened.  Every operation has a debrief.  Why?  So we can talk about what we learned and how we can apply that to future operations.
Instead of sliding into the weekend looking to disconnect and find some form of sedation...we are going to target an objective.  An objective that will light us on fire and give us power.  One that will propel us forward towards what we really want.
It's bad enough that cops have to navigate the treacherous path that comes with the job every day. But now you have to worry about the administration too?  I get it.  I had to as well.  There is a way for you to safely navigate these waters and always come out ahead.
Most cops think the public hates them.  The truth?  They don't understand them.  Here, we will lay out a clear plan to implement moving forward that will help change the way you see the public..and the way they see you. 
You will be blown away when you uncover the difference between what money really is and what you were made to believe money is. The internal shifts and breakthrough that will occur will give you a deep understanding on your relationship with money, and how to tactically apply them.
Let's cut the bullshit.  All men want to be laid.  Especially cops.  So why is it that we struggle so much for it? In this guide, you'll learn the proven steps you can take to turn your relationship on fire.
What makes a sniper elite?  It's not his weapon.  It's his knowledge and implementation of his training.  So what good are the tools if you don't know how to implement them?  

The Entire System laid out with all the details on how to reignite the fire that's been dormant for so long.  Learn to use your limitless potential.


What to do daily, weekly, monthly create predictable outcomes. This is tactical, not just theory. 


The Daily War is built on a foundation of your life. i.e. Results. You'll learn how to make each area of life work together for profit.


The final piece is tying it all together with a clear, powerful "WHY" that drives towards meaningful results. The focus is on building your legacy.  You become the ultimate creator.
Custom Daily Training
The program is set up as a self guided daily training that allows you to gain the knowledge behind the tools that you can begin to deploy immediately to start to access your dormant fire.
Weekly Live Training
Have you ever wondered how some people are able to accomplish, achieve and do so much while others are barely able to get by? These people leverage those around them.  And that's exactly what you'll have access to on this call.  You'll be learning from real life experiences and men.
A Producer's Tools
What good is it trying to hit a target at 200 yards with a handgun?  You'll gain access to all the tools necessary to become deadly accurate in your personal and professional life.  The Warrior Guardian System is built on the Warrior's Way foundation.  By the time you complete the program, you'll have everything you need to produce results in your life.
A Custom Network
There isn't a place for cops to just be themselves. Trust me, I checked.  So I've created a space where cops can be themselves.  Ask questions.  Learn.  Grow.  Vent.  Without having someone looking over there shoulder.  Without worrying if they are going to get in trouble for what they say.
A Brotherhood
What makes cops special is the bond that they have.  You could have never met the man you are trying to save, but that isn't going to stop you from trying.  And that's what you'll have here.  A brotherhood of cops who are sick and tired of their lives not working.  Who want more out of life.  And the support structure to actually achieve it.  
This program is by invitation only.  You must qualify for it.  Why?  Because it is the most intense and hands on experience available.  There are no shortcuts to success.  But there is a plan.  Warrior Guardian Elite lays the custom groundwork needed for you to achieve what you're after.  And not in theory, but in a tactical and executable format.

 THE FOUNDATION: Plan, execute and manage your whole battle plan across the Core 4 like the General of an army right from your laptop.

 THE AUDIBLE: Win the daily war on the go, and easily take the foundation with you with you anywhere you are. You're never more than a swipe away. 

 THE DAILY WAR: This software platform is your squad mate. Your back up.  Seeing your own stats, numbers & results in your face helps you actually track how the results that you are experiencing in your life. 
Detailed 90 Day Battle Plan
Stop playing the guessing game.  The only way to get what you want is to have the path laid out in front of you.  You'll get a detailed 90 day battle plan across your Core 4 areas of life.  This plan will allow you to accelerate to the outcomes you've always wanted with a speed you never imagined possible.
Customized 90 day Fitness and Nutrition Plan
Let's be honest. Most of us struggle with our bodies.  And it's not that we don't want to do anything about it.  It's that we lack the details to get it done. You'll get a customized fitness and nutrition plan set up by a bodybuilding pro...who also happens to be a police officer.  No longer will you have the excuse of not knowing what to do or how to do it.  
Squad Training Calls
No Man Fights Alone.  This is a true in police work.  But also here at Warrior Guardian.   We take the best aspects of your squad and apply them to this program.  Your journey will not be alone.  You will be accompanied by men on the same path as you.
Guaranteed Seat to the Warrior Guardian Live Training
Upon completion of the program, you'll gain access to a program unlike any other. This in person training event will teach you how to take what you have learned over the 90 day program and apply it in detail to your life. You'll leave this experience having unlocked the dormant fire within.
Montly One on One Calls
Constant course correction.
Access to the custom software
How do you keep track of all these items?  Lucky for you, you'll have access to custom created software that will allow you to quickly and efficiently plan, execute, and manage your entire 90 day battle plan.  You'll learn how to track your Daily War, and how a Warrior wins every day.
Warrior Guardian SWAG
Who doesn't like SWAG?  You'll get your hands on exclusive SWAG not available to the marketplace.  Why?  Because you earned it.
Introducing Workplace for Cops...the first private virtual network built by cops for cops.
You will get access to a private facebook group with other like minded members that made the same level of investment as yourself. One weekly live accountability call with George, with lessons, accountability, Q&A and a powerful action step for you to take for the week. 

- Weekly live call with Q&A
- Access to other like minded individuals
- Weekly Action Steps
- Accountability
- Many bonuses
A Powerful Breakthrough Phone Call
90 minute breakthrough call

Your current level of thinking has limited the results you have achieved in your life.  With one phone call with me, I will help you dissect where you are at right now, what is currently holding you back in your life, and what is stopping you from getting what you want. Any questions that you have will be answered on this call as well.

Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost?
Three Different Options 
How much time commitment is needed?
 No more than 30 minutes a day, with 60 minutes once a week. Sometimes less, sometimes more. This is a challenge... it's meant to be work. However, if you're already looking for ways to play the minimum level of work required, it's likely you won't get much about of this challenge. 
 Is Warrior a cult?

For real, we get this question. We do not adhere to a specific religion, political, or spiritual belief system or church. We are a training organization providing tools, technology and transformative events for men to liberate their marriage, business & life. We have passionate members, and passionate leaders! This is a movement, not a cult.
 What if I can't make the trainings?

We have weekly training replay's posted and organized, so if you miss anything LIVE - you'll be able to watch any of the replays and catch up on your own time.
 How does the Challenge schedule work?
We hold a daily discussion & experiential process for you play the game in your daily life, and then a weekly training where all challenge participants engage, discuss, and get trained by Coach Sam, Coach Garrett and the crew.
 Are there any refunds?
No. There are zero refunds of your $300 investment + shipping and handling. If you request a refund, you will not receive a $300 refund. Go all in on yourself. 

30 Day
Warrior Guardian
  • 30 Day Guided Online Program
  • Weekly Live Online Training
  • 30 Day Workplace Private Community Trial
  • Bonus #1 - Tactics to Overcome Office Politics 
  • Bonus #2 - Surviving The Public Evolution
  • Bonus #3 - The Five Secrets To Making More Money
  • Bonus #4: The Police Officer's Guide To More Sex

60 Day
Warrior Guardian
  • 60 Day Guided Online Program 
  • Weekly Live Online Training
  • 60 Day Workplace Private Community Access
  • Group Training
  • Bonus #1 - Tactics to Overcome Office Politics 
  • Bonus #2 - Surviving the Public Evolution
  • Bonus #3 - The Five Secrets To Making More Money
  • Bonus #4: The Police Officer's Guide To More Sex
  • Bonus #5 - Introduction to the Stack
  • Bonus #6 - Tactical Battle Map
  • Bonus #7 - Hard Copy of Tactical Guide to Becoming Elite

90 Day
Warrior Guardian Elite
  • 90 Day Guided Online Program
  • Weekly Live Online Training
  • Monthly One on One Coaching Call
  • 1 Year Workplace Private Community Access
  • Bonus #1 - Tactics to Overcome Office Politics 
  • Bonus #2 - Surviving the Public Evolution
  • Bonus #3 - The Five Secrets To Making More Money
  • Bonus #4: The Police Officer's Guide To More Sex
  • Bonus #5 - Introduction to the Stack
  • Bonus #6 - Tactical Battle Map
  • Bonus #7 - Hard Copy of Tactical Guide to Becoming Elite
  • Bonus #8 - Individual 90 Day Game Plan
  • Bonus #9 - Priority Opportunity for Warrior Guardian Live Training Event
  • Bonus #10 - Battle Plan Guide
  • Bonus #11: Warrior Guardian SWAG
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